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Real estate law

Handle your real estate ventures with precision

When you deal with our office, you will be dealing with the lawyers. You will not be dealing with only paralegals or secretaries. The lawyers will see and speak to you PERSONALLY about all aspects of your case.

Real estate law Real estate law

No matter what type of legal situation you are in, you need responsible and trusted legal services to handle your situation. Trust our dedicated team to provide you with accurate information. Call our team today at 740-676-2034 for a FREE consultation to discuss your case.

Call us today for a FREE consultation

•  Prepare deeds

•  Do title work

•  Handle real estate closings

•  Handle real estate litigation needs

•  Help local businesses with their needs

•  Review all closing documents

•  Resolve title and closing disputes

Receive the assistance you need in crucial aspects

Whether you're buying a home or selling property, you need our experienced attorneys working for you to ensure that everything goes SMOOTHLY and legally.

Let us help you and your local business with your real estate needs. We'll prepare your deeds, do title work, handle real estate closings, and handle your real estate litigation. Call now at