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Estate planning

Let us help you ensure your property's future

When you are planning a trust or preparing a will, it is important that you receive knowledgeable and informed advice. You can always depend upon us to help make your experience a positive one. Call 740-676-2034.

Estate planning Estate planning

Let Lancione, Lloyd & Hoffman lead you through the Wills and Estate process. It is SECURITY for you to know that your wishes will be honored and your family will not have to make those decisions for you.

Security to know your wishes will be honored

A trust is another estate planning instrument. It is document you execute for the FINANCIAL SECURITY of your family. Lancione, Lloyd & Hoffman can meet with you and determine if a trust is right for you.


You can set up a trust to pay for education, medical expenses, and other items of need. Call today at 740-676-2034.

Let us set up the proper trust for you the proper way

This office has always prided itself in the fact that our clients receive personal service from the lawyers in the firm.

We want to get to know you so that we can evaluate what is best for you. We try to stay in contact with you.