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An experienced legal team worthy of your trust

Watching your family face challenges can be very difficult, especially in families that were once close. If you are having trouble with your familial relationships, it may be time to consult a legal team WORTHY OF YOUR TRUST.

Divorce Child custody

Going through a contested divorce can be a stressful time in your life. Divorce and legal separation can be very emotionally trying on a person or a family. Let us shoulder some of the burden and represent you throughout the court proceedings.

Start your life over again with the help of us

Many people try to act as their own attorney in domestic relations proceedings and end up regretting it. When you are in court fighting for matters close to your heart, you want an attorney who will fight just as hard as you will. Lancione, Lloyd & Hoffman is sure to vigorously defend your rights in court. Call today at 740-676-2034.

Get level-headed legal help in your emotional cases

This office has always prided itself in the fact that our clients receive personal service from the lawyers in the firm.

If you are no longer happy in your marriage but not ready for the finality of divorce, come to Lancione, Lloyd & Hoffman. Find happiness in your life once more with the freedom of legal separation.