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Business law

Finding you the right solutions for business concerns

Lancione, Lloyd & Hoffman will properly handle all the nitty-gritty legal details of your business so that it can grow and prosper into the entity you have envisioned. Call now at 740-676-2034.

Business law Business law

You need an attorney that will be by your side with the latest understanding of laws. You need a company with OUTSTANDING SUCCESS and COMPETITIVE rates. Call Lancione, Lloyd & Hoffman at 740-676-2034 and get FREE CONSULTATION to discuss your needs.

You will be assured of experienced representation

•  Help local business with their legal needs

•  Organize corporations and LLC companies

•  Maintain corporate records  

•  Employment issues

•  Financing

•  Mergers

•  Acquisitions

Getting you comprehensive business legal help

Let us help you sift through the complex legal jargon of contracts and litigations so that you will have the fair representation and PEACE OF MIND you deserve.

Whether you are planning for the future, contract drafting, or in the middle of a property dispute, call our office today to schedule your FREE initial consultation to discuss your claim.